Established 1903

Member, American Kennel Club

The Club


President:   Barbara Miller

Vice President:   Patricia Gallatin

Treasurer:   Frank D’Agostino

Corresponding Secretary:   Jeanne D'Agostino

Recording Secretary:   Francine Reisman





Deyanne Hinman

Bert Rowley

Carol Reisman

Ylisa Kunze

Denise Kern


AKC Delegate:   William Tabler, Jr


Show Chairman:   Barbara Miller 

Assistant Show Chair   Judy Laffey

Chief Ring Steward:   Mrs. Deyanne Hinman

Assistant Steward:   Mrs. Ruth Coleman

Weekend Coordinator:   Viola Burgos





Trophy Purchase:   Honi Reisman

Trophy Security:      

Advertising:     Patricia Gallatin, Denise Flaim  & LIKC Members

Judges Hospitality:   Jeanne D’Agostino

Judges Hospitality Luncheon:    Francine Reisman & LIKC Members

Ring Hospitality:    Denise Kern

Grounds:   William Tabler, JR

Catalog Sales:   Patricia Gallatin, Ruth Winston, Viola Burgos

Vendors:   Carol Reisman

Publicity:   Barbara Miller, Denise Flaim, Jeanne D’Agostino

Membership Chairman:   Jeanne D’Agostino

Member Education:   Honi Reisman

Judges’ Education:   Carol Reisman

Website & Facebook:   Jeanne D’Agostino

Ways & Means:   Judy Laffey



Code Of Ethics


The Code of Ethics sets the tone for members taking part in events held under the club’s jurisdiction.  The Long Island Kennel Club expects its members to conduct themselves in a civilized manner becoming

of their membership in this esteemed organization.  The Code of Ethics protects the members but more importantly the dog.


The American kennel Club does not require dog clubs to have a Code of Ethics. We, at the Long Island Kennel Club, feel following a Code is for the protection of its members and their canines.

  1. Those participating in an event organized by the LIKC expects the membership to conduct themselves in a responsible manner.  At all times sportsmanship is to be conducted with good manners.

  2. Abusive behavior toward any LIKC member or participant at an event will not be tolerated and as such will be dealt with by the club’s show committee.

  3. No LIKC member will influence a judge at its event.

  4. All members will be aware of social media and not embarrass another member or any other canine exhibitor, breeder or judge through the use of such conversation.

  5. All LIKC members will engage in constructive and respectful conversation at club events.

  6. All members will offer to participate in a helpful manner at all events when called upon.

To this end the Long Island Kennel Club will regard its position of membership with the highest regard.